My significant learning about Personality

I think that the topic of personality was most interesting to me. It definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things because it explains the concept better to me. I learned about our subconscious being the much bigger factor in our personality. I also learned why it sometimes seems like I can be a different person or why there’s different voices and motives inside of my head because there’s actually three of them. The ID, Ego, and Superego.

In the personality unit we were able to learn that the primary determiner of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are coming from the unconscious part of our personality. We may choose or decide to do one thing consciously but that doesn’t always mean that we will. We’re much less likely to do something that we don’t want to and we’ll subconsciously push it off and not do it. We can decide and think things but ultimately our personality is a pattern of enduring and distinctive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that characterize the way we respond to the world.

According to Sigmund Freud the ID is our most primitive part. It’s the part buried farthest down but we’re born with none the less. It’s selfish and wishful in nature. The ID has been explained as the devil on our shoulder because it only seeks pleasure and immediate gratification. It’s out of touch with reality because it’s so buried in our subconscious, so sometimes it encourages us to “pleasure seek” and disregard reason or logic. This was really interesting time because it shows how I can have such differing thoughts from being very amoral and crazy and then on the other side having such good intentions, plans, and ideas.

I found it really interesting the ego is our reality check and mediates between the ID and Superego. Usually when I would hear the term Ego i would think of narcissism. In reality the Ego is the mix between controlling our carnal instincts and our perfectionism our inner critic. The super ego is our angel on the shoulder, but I guess it’s kind of false because it does encourage perfection and some “good” things but it’s also a harsh critic and is barely in touch with reality so some demands and thoughts can be very unrealistic. The ego is the deciding factor and decides what happens and what’s realistic and possible and also decides what to show in a personality, personally anyhow. However, our ID and superego and buried and in our subconscious and control us significantly.

This helped me to understand myself a lot more. Sometimes I have such conflicting views and opinions on things and it doesn’t make sense. There are plenty of things I think of that I want to do and am willing to do and then I convince myself not to do it, or I give myself doubts and do it anyways. These instances are my subconscious(ID and Superego) fighting to win and my ego is what will ultimately decide and let what I want to happen, happen. I’m glad i was able to learn that I’m not crazy or hypocritical but it’s just my natural self, my personality working itself to make the “best” choice.