Lupus Foundation Service Project


Lupus is a chronic, complex and prevalent autoimmune disease. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, approximately 1.5 million people in the U.S. have lupus. 1 person in every group of 250 people may develop lupus, although it can occur in both men and women, 90% of people diagnosed with the disease are women. Despite all of this, Lupus is one of America’s least recognized major diseases.


In-order to raise awareness about Lupus and the Lupus Foundation in Utah, we distributed flyers at local community boards to achieve the primary goal of raising awareness, and utilized hashtags and different social media to achieve our secondary goal of engaging the Lupus community with the Lupus Foundation.



Facebook Twitter Instagram TOTAL
Reach/Impressions 299 898 3992 5190
Engagement 12 68 173 253


     At the beginning of this project I wasn’t positive that I knew what lupus was. I actually had to research it so that I could answer questions for businesses when I went to ask if I could post a flier. I thought this project would take much less time and effort than it did. I was surprised about how long it took me to get around to different stores to post the fliers. I was also surprised a lot less business had a community board than I had originally thought. This project helped me to be more outgoing when I had to go up to a counter and ask if I could hang a flyer on their wall. This will be beneficial for me in the future when asking people if I could post an announcement or even be helpful to me with approaching people.

     This assignment helped me to learn to communicate more effectively. I also was able to see the reach of my social media posts. I can run even just a little bit of market research just based off of mine and my classmates’ posts. I’ve always struggled with approaching people randomly and then bringing up a subject so this could help me personally as well as in my profession if I pursue a sales or marketing type Job. I feel a lot better about this project after. I feel more involved in the community and with the local business because I was interacting with them while promoting a great cause. I learned that the girlfriend of one of my buddies has lupus. I feel much more emotionally involved with the project and the lupus foundation. I feel much more accomplished at the end of this project then I thought I would at the beginning