On Communicating and Collaborating

(Information Project #1, Flash Memoir Adaptation #2, Profile Project #3 on magazine site)

     At the first of the semester I was really nervous choosing a social justice issue. I felt a little nervous about someone else reading my work and being able to know what my thoughts are about these things. I feel like I have strong opinions on most political or social justice issues, but I’m not one to voice these often or loudly. If someone asks or the right situation arises I’ll discuss them and share what I think, but I won’t push it on people. My perspective changed a little bit, I didn’t realize how extreme my issue was. My initial intentions were to show both sides of the issue to give a more educated and unbiased summary of the issue. However, that quickly changed when I realized how bad the issue actually was and that I couldn’t try to rationalize instances that were blatant abuse of power or police brutality. I know that not every situation is the same, and I understand sometimes the police need to do what;s necessary to stay safe, I get it they have families too. The problem is, there are way too many examples of where both the officer and suspect should’ve left that situation alive and well.

For my persuasion project I used an infographic to try and use visual to trigger emotions to help encourage my audience to act. I also wrote both my Profile and Information projects in essay format. I thought that those needed to be very full of information and fact and that would be the best way to cover everything. I feel really good about them after having gone through a few revisions after tips from students and professors. I think the information project blasts you with objective facts that are shocking and true. My profile gives a good description of who Tekulve is and the everyday issues and stresses he faces in life due to this issue.

My flash memoir was originally in essay format. It was the beginning of the semester and I felt most comfortable with just writing a paper. I had to revise it a few times to fit my agenda as my social justice issue ideas changed throughout the semester. I decided since it’s basically a story and my shortest project it would be easiest to adapt. I knew that an infographic is great for a story. It involves pictures and visuals to help the reader imagine the story. I almost see my infographic as picture book that’s all on one long page. It also has less words than it did in essay form so that it doesn’t drag on. Less words and more specific details will help keep the reader’s attention. My flash memoir was also the best to choose because the profile wouldn’t work well in an infographic ever (in my opinion). The information project just has too much information to try and compress it to fit into an infographic.

I loved getting the pointers form my team members because we were trying to help eachother better our projects to be able to make our magazine better. I actually felt a significant purpose in revising my work and giving pointers to my team members. I remember I got added to our group a little late so I had to start another group chat and I think everyone was confused but it was nice to be able to get people to agree to meet up online on a weekday night because Aylara and myself were going to be away from internet connection the weekend they initially wanted, Writing our meeting summary was easy because everyone was agreeable and on the same page with what we needed to do. I remember I accidentally assumed Aimee and myself should each send one project to Aylara and she would send us each one, which would be unfair to everyone but I wasn’t really sure how else to do it. I wasn’t thinking an I was super stressed, but the three of us were able to figure out to send them in like triangle formation so we each send 2 and receive two 1 to and 1 from each person. We all would chat here and there in our text group chat to check in and set deadlines to stay on track. I think that worked out pretty great, holding each other accountable. One last thing, Aylara was great! She worked super hard and really helped make the magazine happen!