Notebook 1(5g) :

On Media, true or false?

Can we always trust media outlets even if their big name companies? Why is fake news an issue? and more importantly when did it become a become such a big issue? People have made assumptions it came to be with our current President Donald Trump, but it really has existed for a very long time. People tell lies, things are exaggerated, and stories are biased. What can we really trust and what is truly 100% objective? This is why truth and real news is hard to find and to produce.

Notebook 2 (5i) :

I asked these questions on my twitter on Thursday afternoon, it was a poll open for 24 hours. Only about 10% of my followers actually saw it or responded and it is opinion based so it’s not factual but I still found it interesting! (here’s some pictures of my polls)                                                                            1.PNG2.PNG3.PNG


Notebook 3 (3a):

I believe the three sides of my issue we be, 1. There is a problem with police altercations involving people of color, 2. There have been a few incidents but not a trend, & 3. There is no problem and it’s construed to make officers look bad.

  1. There is a trend that many African Americans are shot and killed by police in hostile situations. How come an armed and dangerous white man can kill 9 people in a church and the police to everything they can to not kill him but an unarmed black man is shot for appearing large and dangerous and charging. (They could have used a taser possibly with Michael Brown)
  2. There have been a few instances where African Americans were shot when other precautions could’ve been taken but it was a judgement call. It may not have been the best decision but there was a lot of stress but the officer probably didn’t shoot because of color. (Michael Brown)
  3. These shooting involve people that are criminals and breaking the law. They’ve been ordered by police to stop and put their hands up or get on the ground and the don’t comply, creating a threat to an officer who has every right to defend himself.

Notebook 4 (2b):

  1. “In the moments before a yoga teacher was fatally shot by Minneapolis police, a woman slapped the officers’ patrol car while it drove through an alley”

This gives kind of an insight that the police officers were going into a dark alley and now it set off alarms in their head they they could’ve been set up for an ambush and now they were on high alert and very anxious.

2. ” Brown then reached into the SUV through the open driver’s window and punched and grabbed Wilson”

In the first initial reports it was never stated that this happened it was just stated that the officer had grabbed his gun and shot were fired close range. This shows when the media get it wrong it can cause nation wide confusion about an event.

3. “there are no witness accounts that could be relied upon in a
prosecution to prove that Wilson shot at Brown as he was running away.”

There also was a lot of talk that Officer Wilson shot at Brown’s back as he ran away but there was no credible witness accounts or any forensics proof that any bullets entered from the back they all entered from the front side of his body.

4. “Refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he deems are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States.”

What I think is interesting is that this is a protest against racism and oppression and many people make it out to be a protest against military and veterans. It’s interesting ask any person and they’ll probably give you a differing answer as to why the protests started.

5. “He is instructed not to get out of his SUV or approach the person. ”

This is from the account of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The man who shot and killed him was told not to approach him or do anything and he did just that. He ended up killing and unarmed and innocent 17 year old kid.

Notebook 5 (3e):

In my piece that I’m currently writing a few figures that I’ll be writing about are the Mayor of Ferguson Missouri, Officer Betty Jo Shelby, and Terence Crutcher.
I think what I’m doing now is showing the Mayor as a strong and important man who’s opinion should and does matter,  Officer Shelby is ultimately being played out as a villain in my piece and Mr. Crutcher is kind of the martyr, even  though he wasn’t perfect, and a lot of his life isn’t really described.
What I can do better is to really clarify and show that this leader of Missouri is a white man calling for justice, he admits to not knowing the struggle, but that he sees it and feels empathy for it. I need to make his voice loud and heard because it’s a step in the right direction and even shows that white men in power can see and recognize the need for change. I think I can do a better job to  portray Mrs. Shelby as a human being and one that makes mistakes but can also be influenced by bias or other factors. Mr. Crutcher may not have been  the best man he was on the drug PCP when he was stopped, but he did not have a gun and did not pose a real threat to the officers. His character  in my piece will be sort of a keystone of the prejudice against people of color and the police. He unfortunately is part of a statistics that will be used to strengthen the information that I will give.

Notebook 6(6h):

This I don’t believe. How can the justice system be racist and setting up African Americans to fail? Every single person in this country is innocent until proven guilty.  If these people would’ve just be obedient with the police they never would’ve ran and had to be shot at or beat or tasered. I just don’t see how these people are set up to fail, if any person works hard and gets good grades they can go to college and get scholarships. School will then be affordable so it doesn’t matter about their family’s circumstances. The constitution protects every single person’s writes and these people should be aware of that. Also if they would focus on the black on black violence in Chicago instead of the tiny bit of people shot running form the police. They need to focus on that rather than taking a knee during our national anthem and disrespecting the police, troops, and other people serving and protecting our country. Those men are millionaires and claim to be “oppressed”? It’s ridiculous. They have everything they want and more and want to claim that they are oppressed? Give me a break. I think that if people would stop being criminals, even the smaller crimes they wouldn’t get in trouble with the police and then they wouldn’t be involved in an altercation. It’s a really simple fix that a lot of people just don’t seem to grasp and it’s really frustrating. They need to be respectful to the flag and to the police and I don’t think there would be any other problems.

Notebook 7(2f):

Dear Mr. President,

I know recently you’ve issued a statement about the players in the NFL taking a knee during the National Anthem. I can see your point of view and why that is seen as disrespectful to the flag. I ask of you however, to see their point of view. Yes, it is clear that these players aren’t necessarily oppressed now. They’re making up to millions of dollars playing the game they love. The thing is, they weren’t always NFL Players… They also had to grow up, and some in not very safe conditions. They had to face persecution and we already know there are many Americans facing this. These players are taking a stand for the people of color who don’t have a public platform, who don’t have a voice. This is a selfless act not about themselves, but for their fellow man. Just remember the havoc in Charlottesville, that was madness.

What reason would these layers have to disrespect our amazing military men and women? they are the reason that they have this opportunity to be safe and pursue their own dreams. It may not be your fault Sir, that these bad things are happening to people of color, but I don know that with your power and the power of the people in this country we can make a change. I urge you to consider what has been said, and try to see it from another point of view.


Jon Heaton

Notebook 8(6n)


So in reality I didn’t not make these pictures but including these captions I think it sort of turns it into a meme. I also realize it can offensive to some people and I get that, The matter is thought hat Colin Kaepernick took a stand by kneeling. I actually found this thread really really funny hahaha. I also think it serves a good point. It’s almost ridiculous these days some people make it look like if you’re against racism you’re not a patriot. I think it’s very naïve for at this point in a protest that people think NFL players are protesting troops. There are even veterans who have come out to support this movement so how are people still trying to twist that argument? that I don’t understand.

Notebook 9(6e):

  1. Is there a problem with prejudice in the US justice system?
  2. Background Research(researched graphs, newspapers, news, videos, etc.)
  3. There is not equal treatment of all people in the US justice system(frequently POC)
  4. Test (More videos, news stories, police shootings (white vs black suspects))
  5. Analyzing my data I found that a black person is more than twice as likely to be shot by a police officer than a white person, and a Hispanic person is more than 35% more likely to be shot by a police officer based off of populations statistics.
  6. There is not equal treatment in place for people of color in the US Justice system.


Notebook 10(6o):

1. Love Yourz – J. Cole  2. Hanging Tree – Elijah Blake 3. Where’s The Love – Trevor Hall 4. Jesus Walks – Kanye West 5. Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean 6. Thugz Mansion – Tupac Shakur

  1. This is a song by J. Cole a modern day/rapper hip hop artist who is very open about inequality and justice these days, he’s become very big and this song just kind of illustrates the struggles and poverty people of color in low income neighborhoods face and then he could’ve faced as a child .
  2. Elijah Blake is a modern singer as well who is mostly R&B music but dabbles into hip hop a little, but this song is very powerful talking about how there’s a black man hanging from a tree and it could be his mother there crying under the tree, and he speaks a lot about police violence, brutality, and violence towards POC in this song.
  3. Trevor Hall is a modern day Reggae artist. He’s sort of a hippie but this songs talks about how there are many gods but no love for the people, and that his mom taught him from young age that we’re all made equal and that there needs to be more prayers for the people.
  4. Kanye West is a pretty egotistical Modern Day Rapper, but it goes to show you even he can see the inequality and he thinks he’s the greatest thing ever. He speaks about how we’re at war with racism and then peaks of the stereotypes of black people in the Midwest involving crime, and also of cops being racist towards African Americans.
  5. Frank Ocean is a homosexual R&B artist who is African American an this is a little bit of an older song but he speaks towards the fact of money and privilege and how these kids will become bored and involve in drugs, regardless of race it could be either but you can almost feel like he’s saying it’s the rich white kids who are doing this because the black kids don’t have rich parents, and so they involve in scary drugs in the street vs. cocaine in a mansion.
  6. Tupac Shakur is a rapper who was killed 21 years ago. He was very inspirational and progressive in his time, he constantly face scrutiny and criticism and was eventually shot and killed in Las Vegas, the situation surrounded by many shady details, and no one found his killer. He speaks about the politicians banning them and would rather see him locked in chains, and he doesn’t believe he’d go to heaven but wants a paradise in the sky, the “thugz mansion” to get away from the police constantly hassling, beating, & shooting his people.


Notebook 11(8f):

I love google docs for projects like this, it’s awesome because you can literally have 10 people typing on the same document at the same time. It’s really nice and saves time instead of taking your turn on a document and emailing it to someone else, or having them send their writing to you and having to copy and paste onto your document. At my job we use google docs a little bit to send weekly one-on-one agendas to our workers but we use google sheets a ton, I have about 15 google sheets I use each day to keep track of things while simultaneously having that shared with my boss and my workers. It’s really awesome and efficient. I think this will help us out a ton with this magazine project.

Notebook 12:

I liked the notebook where we had to write an argument to our stand point, it helps you open your vision and see the opposing view. It also helps you to make your argument stronger because you can combat what someone would say or think. I also liked the playlist idea because it just makes you think, you have to listen to the songs and pay close attention and it made me realize I listened to quite a bit of music in relation to my topic without really thinking about it.

Some skills I learned were to be able to use a scientific method approach to start out a paper that I’m writing a brief lay out. Another things is like I said earlier to even write a short little essay that would be the counter argument to my side and then that can help me to make people understand or how to go about my explanations to help them understand and also shoot down any doubt before they arise. Third, I was able to learn how to pick out strong quotes early on to bring power and emotion into my papers, and the one notebook where we shared those quotes and a little summary helped me to realize which quotes were actually good.