What are ethics? Ethics are a similar to morals but are also different. Morals are personals beliefs and standards that people live by. Ethics are more of a universal standard for people in a social or working environment. Ethics aren’t always black and grey, there can be grey areas which makes decisions very difficult.

My ethics are developed from family and friends I believe. I have some that are very similar or the same as my parents. I also have some different ethical opinions as my parents as well that maybe match better with my friends or that I follow involving my work.  Sometimes it’s really hard for me to decide what the best thing to do is. At my work I’ve had to be the one to let people go from our company because of many different reasons. When someone is showing up late and not doing what they need to do it’s pretty easy to accept the fact I’ll have to let them go. On the other hand when everyone is having a rough stretch and one person is performing worse than the rest but they’re trying their best it’s super hard to decide if they’ve had enough chances or if I should give them one more opportunity because their performance effects me as well.

We can never predict the future and that makes it difficult to always be prepared for certain decisions or scenarios but we can always try to decide beforehand that we’ll be ethical in all situations. One day you could be faced with a death in the family and no way to cover the costs and the ability to get the money from your company. Rationalizing can make it even more difficult to be ethical as well. You can decided that the company is already so profitable what’s $15,000 going to matter to anybody? That’s the exact kind of thinking that is unethical and will probably lead to time in jail.

Ethics will keep people out of trouble legally and with their bosses, customers, and fellow co-workers. Things won’t always be easily decided and it’s okay to ask for advice or help to make the right decisions. If you wouldn’t say or do a certain thing when your boss or parents are around it’s probably not very ethical and that can be a good guide to help with tough decisions.